celery 笔记

1. hello, celery

three questions:

1.1 what is celery?

1.2 why do we need celery?

1.3 what features does celery have?

2 how does celery work?

2.1 some terms in message queue and celery

{"id": "4cc7438e-afd4-4f8f-a2f3-f46567e7ca77",
 "task": "celery.task.PingTask",
 "args": [],
 "kwargs": {},
 "retries": 0,
 "eta": "2009-11-17T12:30:56.527191"

2.2 the celery workflow


2.3 the workflow deployment


3. install celery

two possible ways to install celery.

chenshan@mac007:~/Desktop$sudo pip install -U celery
Installing collected packages: celery, kombu, billiard, amqp

the celery dependences info is listed here: Does Celery have many dependencies

Celery also defines a group of bundles that can be used to install Celery and the dependencies for a given feature.

You can specify these in your requirements or on the pip comand-line by using brackets. Multiple bundles can be specified by separating them by commas. for example, using the command pip install "celery[librabbitmq,redis,auth,msgpack]" to install celery with librabbitmq, redis, auth, msgpack libriaries.

all bundles command can be find here: bundles